This product is Dyson’s rival, low-key it originally came from the United States’ first technology cleaning brand!

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Speaking of the blackest technology, the most extreme vacuum cleaner, everyone may think of Dyson as the first time, but I don’t know that Dyson also has a “hard enemy” – Shark.

Shark is a technology cleansing brand from the United States. For the domestic market, not many people have heard of its name, but in the United States, it is a household name.

As a brand that has firmly occupied the first position of the US vacuum cleaner for many years, according to incomplete statistics, Shark’s sales volume has only reached 40 million units since 2007, which means that every 2-3 American families have one family. Use Shark.

Like Dyson, Shark is a company focused on technology development and innovation. It has a world-leading R&D team and has established R&D centers in the UK and China outside the Boston R&D headquarters, bringing together more than North America, Europe and Asia. 400 global researchers.

In addition to technology, Shark’s other “killer” is to inherit a hundred years of quality genes and to be good at understanding user needs. The family of Shark brand founder Mark Rosenzweig manages the Euro-Pro company, which has been in business for more than 100 years. Since its inception, Shark has inherited the outstanding genes of the century-old brand and passed on the ultimate pursuit of quality by Euro-Pro.

Shark has also been committed to user-centric, listening to consumer needs and feedback to research and development, focusing on creating a more user-friendly experience for users.

On April 18th, Shark held a brand launch conference in Shanghai, China, which means that Shark officially entered the Chinese market and brought a flagship product tailored for the Chinese: Shark double brush vacuum cleaner S9.

As for the products of this “unfamiliar” brand, how much is it? Let’s take a look at the scene with Xiaolei.

Strong sense of technology, the value of the face has been amazing

Shark’s double-head vacuum cleaner S9 has a strong sense of technology in terms of design. It is decorated with bright blue glossy paint, combined with meticulous craftsmanship, it is very eye-catching, and there is a “Dyson” taste.

The S9 is a cordless vacuum cleaner. It is not very heavy when it comes to the initial experience. In addition, when working, the tip part will share part of the weight through the support, so it is not very tired to hold.

In addition, it can be easily folded for transport and storage.

Beyond black technology, the more important thing is to solve the pain points of users.

Shark’s double-head vacuum cleaner S9 is also a black technology full vacuum cleaner with high-speed motor, combined with multiple filters and aerodynamic structure design, strong suction, reduced power loss, and can be cleaned and filtered. effect.

In addition to black technology, more importantly, it has also been optimized and improved for the problems encountered by domestic consumers in the use of vacuum cleaners. For example, the upgraded version of the dual-head DuoClean 2.0 technology is simply a brush head with a double-roller brush head that can be adapted to the environment of the floor, carpet, etc. through a main brush head, regardless of large particles or small particles. Even the dust can be easily handled, avoiding the trouble of replacing the brush head with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Taking into account the need to bend down when cleaning the bottom of the bed, the sofa, or even some vacuum cleaners, the Shark double-head vacuum cleaner S9 features the MultiFLEX “folding arm” technology, which allows the user to easily clean the bottom of the furniture without bending over.

More intimate is that in the front of the brush head is also specially installed LED sensor light, it will automatically light up when entering the dark environment, further convenient to clean the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the sofa and other environments.

In response to the air quality problems of the Chinese people, the Shark double-head vacuum cleaner S9 has also been upgraded with a special HAPE net. The standard is equipped with a tamper-proof head. For example, the high-efficiency Haipa filter can be used to intercept dust as small as 0.3 micron, quadruple filtration, and fresh air. It is equivalent to an air purifier, and the replacement of the hoe can effectively remove allergens such as the bedroom and the living room.

Many cordless vacuum cleaners do not support the replacement of batteries. When cleaning, they often need to be plugged in and charged for a few hours before use. Shark double-head vacuum cleaner S9 supports replacement of batteries, with two 2450mAh capacity batteries, and can be used continuously for 30 minutes. And support three charging methods, which can effectively improve the endurance efficiency.

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