This vacuum cleaner is comparable to Dyson, Shark vacuum cleaner, have you heard of it?

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Unlike Dyson and other net red players, today we should focus on the high-end vacuum cleaner brand Shark from the United States.

With the upgrading of the consumption structure, vacuum cleaners are popular among consumers today as clean home appliances. Although the vacuum permeability of  households is currently about 10%, the market space is huge. In recent years, the average growth rate of the vacuum cleaner market is around 30%. 

The Shark double-head vacuum cleaner S9 is adjusted according . Its unique DuoClean double brush head technology allows consumers to clean the floor and carpet. Key conversion is very easy, no matter whether it is carpet or floor, no need to change the brush head, it can be used directly, and the size of the garbage can be “inhaled in the bag”. The MultiFLEX folding technology is more intimate, not only can better clean the bed, the bottom of the sofa, the corner of the sofa, etc. It is also very easy to hold the upper and lower floors. Because it can be folded and placed conveniently, it can stand up against the wall, avoiding the need for traditional vacuum cleaners to make holes in the wall.

In addition, the Shark double-head vacuum cleaner S9 also introduces a series of user-friendly functions and designs, such as the use of high-efficiency Haipa filter, which can intercept dust as small as 0.1 micron, quadruple filtration, and discharge fresh air to avoid secondary air pollution; In response to the growing number of allergic people in the country, Shark’s double-head vacuum cleaner S9 will also upgrade the hoe to the standard, multi-purpose machine, and replace the standard electric bed suction brush head to deep clean the bedroom and living room. Easily remove mites and deep dirt and let your family say goodbye to allergens.

In order to meet the needs of the user’s more personalized scenes, the Shark dual-head vacuum cleaner S9 uses a replaceable dual battery life, which can be vacuumed while charging; in addition, a soft rubber anti-collision strip is installed on the fuselage to prevent the furniture from being damaged; There are LED lights on the main tip, so that users can see clearly under the bed.

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