Which is better for the Volvic and Dyson vacuum cleaners?

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Which is better for the Volvic and Dyson vacuum cleaners?

The spring season is the best time every weekend. Everyone definitely doesn’t want to spend such a good time on cleaning. They are all people who are dragging their families. The weekend must be a parent-child time. Most people choose to go outdoors to bathe in the spring. What should I do on the ground in my home? At this time you need a sweeping robot with good vacuuming effect. Said that the vacuum effect is good, I believe that everyone must have thought of the two brands Dyson and Volvic, why would you think of this brand, because these two brands are all vacuum cleaners, have a wealth of experience and technology for vacuum cleaners.

Vorvik sweeping robot

Germany’s century-old vacuum cleaner brand Vivek announced the full acquisition of the US sweeping robot brand Neato. Vorvik is the only vacuum cleaner brand. The VORWERK/Vicvik VR200 intelligent automatic sweeping robot is the only robotic product released by the Volkswagen brand in China. The positioning is relatively high-end and the performance is quite good. The price is also around 6000, but a penny is worth the goods.

The characteristics of the Vivic sweeping robot are obvious.

1, can filter 99% of dust and bacteria (equivalent to one thousandth of the thickness of hair), and even for allergic people! To protect the health of you and your family!

2. The electromagnetic interference generated by the environment and the human body during the operation does not exceed the EU’s regulations on radiation limitation, so as to protect the safety of you and your family, you can enjoy your family time.

3, 360-degree comprehensive room layout and home environment, intelligent cleaning, more high-intelligent chips, can automatically clean the path according to the home environment, before the departure will scan your home automatically scanned scanning area, your home The map is already in the chest before it is cleaned!

4, can automatically calculate the height of the obstacles, and overcome the need for A clean objects such as carpets up to 2cm. The ordinary sweeper is detoured, and the cleaning is difficult to comprehensive.

Dyson sweeping robot

The dyson robot is called 360 Eye because of this 360° navigation camera. It uses 360° full-view intelligent navigation technology, which consists of SLAM technology + real-time camera + panoramic lens. Drawing the room map and making navigation based on geometry and trigonometry, the user does not need to tell it where it needs to be cleaned, it can also accurately position itself in a clean environment, and can clearly identify the swept and unswept places that have been cleaned. To ensure that the machine does not repeat cleaning. SLAM’s planned cleaning path is adjusted in a timely manner based on temporary changes in the environment.

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a second-generation Dyson digital motor with 78,000 rpm and Dyson’s cyclone technology to absorb “small dust as small as 0.3μm” (already improved from the 0.5μm introduced at the time of initial release) ). At the top of it is a panoramic camera with a 360 degree field of view. With an infrared detector, it can effectively position the device in real time and observe the environment to select a more suitable cleaning path.

At the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, a brush strip with the same width as the fuselage is used, and two kinds of bristles of nylon and carbon fiber are distributed on the top to meet the different cleaning needs of the carpet and the hard floor. In addition, the 360 ​​Eye also chose a tank-crawler moving mechanism that better accommodates the difference in ground height and reduces the chances of “eat” the wire during the cleaning process. As for the shape, it is easy to think of the dust collectors of the V8 and V6 hand-held products. The volume is still 0.33L. Normally, the cleaning should not be full.

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