Shark DuoClean vacuum cleaner evaluation: the first cordless upright cleaner, powerful

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The DuoClean Cordless Lift-Away TruePet IC160UKT is known as Shark’s first wireless upright cleaner, which combines a range of innovations into a single battery-powered design. It offers sturdy upright and cylinder cleaning, good suction in Boost mode, an effective DuoClean head and a great little pet tool. For the price, it doesn’t give ultra-deep carpet cleaning and chargers very slow, but for the freedom of a full-line cordless cleaner, the IC160UKT is as versatile as they are, giving you the traditional upright flexibility Sex, use a hand cleaner. If you are looking for something that can do anything, then this is for you. Easily created for the longest bagless cleaner name on the planet, meeting Shark’s DuoClean cordless vertical vacuum cleaner with electric lift and TruePet IC160UKT. 

Given the perimeter of the name, you can say that this model is located at the top of the Shark vacuum cleaner series and has a variety of functions. This is Shark’s first wireless upright cleaner, which uses the fabulous DuoClean double brushed floor head and has a Lift-Away section, which means it can also be used as a portable cylindrical cleaner. This is a seemingly strange beast. IC160UKT’s main cleaner gubbins are set very low, a 0.6 liter compact bin on one side of the motor housing and the other side is a near cylindrical battery case. Although beautiful in the eyes of the onlookers, Xiao Bian thinks it looks a bit ‘beautifying the challenge’. Fortunately, the form follows the function, and the idea of ​​keeping inefficiency is equivalent to the perceived weight in the hand compared to the cane model. Therefore, the IC160UKT hides very well the weight of 5.6 kg, feels very good, and can be manipulated in an upright position, and only adds 2.5 kg of weight plus hose in Lift-Away mode.

This clean stamp is supplied by a 28V motor and is powered by a custom 2900mAh battery pack. In Lift-Away mode, if you don’t have a power tool, this should give you up to 50 minutes of cleaning time before you need to charge the battery directly on the cleaner or its attached base. The power control is a push button electronic button on the handle that allows the thumb to touch the main handle. There is a power on/off switch, boost mode button, and the ability to switch between hard floor and carpet settings. The latter increases the brush speed on the floor head. The floor cover toggle switch is disabled when only the detailed tool is installed. After connecting the DuoClean floor head, the power supply defaults to standard power. It is quite frustrating that you must hold down the Boost button to get higher power. Simply attach the software to the hose and the Boost button defaults to “on”.

Just as you usually need more power to use a large tool, such as a floor head, a lower airflow concentration, and a smaller tool and dust removal function, this is erroneous. Either way, Xiaobian wants the Boost button to stay engaged when pressed, rather than like a spring trigger. The IC160UKT adheres to Shark’s usual high standard construction quality, and all clips and fishing gear are thick, easy to use and labelled. The Lift-Away part is easy to fall off, the box is emptied through a full-size lid, and the washable filter pops up easily. The clever design touch is exhausted through a large HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) rated motor post filter and then exhausted through vents in the battery pack. This helps keep the battery cool, especially if you run the machine in Boost mode for any length of time.

The equipment list includes gaps, upholstery and dust removal tools, powered pet tools, flexible hoses and extension tubes. All tools can be used on extension tubes or directly attached to the handle, although the upright shoe of the DuoClean floor head makes it difficult to use outside the upright configuration. A small bag tote is provided to hold your accessories in the cupboard, but unfortunately there is no on-board tool storage. Xiao Bian has been a loyal fan of various iterations of Shark’s DuoClean floor. This innovative design appears on top brands in many brands, such as the Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away NV801UKT, which uses two rotating brush strips. The front bar is a large flocking roller, while the standard bristle bar is brushed behind. The forward brush picks up the finest dust and debris, and the fixed comb ensures that the particles are organized into a vacuum stream from the flocking rolls.

The bristle brush provides two rows of medium-hard bristles to sweep out the larger debris and hit the carpet fluff to release the dirt. A row of soft bristles behind the rollers allows airflow to collect under the rollers. Due to the easy-to-remove roller, the DuoClean head can be cleaned directly. The function also includes a flexible tilt and pivot neck for steering and two rows of LEDs along the front to pick up the fluff in the dark recess behind the sofa. The green light at the top of the cleaning head shows when the brush bar is rotating. The head is not too high, the neck folds well, and it can enter well under low obstacles. The vacuum is quite large and heavy from front to back, but the other incarnations of the DuoClean head prove their value. If the DuoClean head is too large to be practical, you can switch to the electric pet tool. This neat tool uses a single-action brush bar, a stiff brush and a sloping bottom plate to help it maintain a flat surface.

The neck is fixed and there are no fancy LEDs, but the pet tools are lightweight, well constructed and easy to disassemble and clean. The three detail tools provided by Shark simply push it onto the handle or extension tube. Upholstery tools are wider than standard and have side vents to help prevent loose fabrics from being inhaled. The Dust Brush has a rotating offset neck that can be used to get the right angle when you reach the height, but the bristles are quite a hard dusting task. The crevice tool is a good length, but the business side is too rough for any strip that is quite large. There is no onboard storage space for any of these tools, but you will get a small cloth bag to keep them tidy in the cabinet. The accessories list is equipped with a neat charging base that takes up valuable small rooms and wall-mounted power adapters on the countertop. Shark’s 28V system and detachable 2900mAh battery are located there, equipped with the highest capacity clean battery system.

The industrial design is also very smart, with three LED charge status displays, and the pop-up handle releases the battery from the cleaner and battery pack cooling, providing cleverly placed exhaust. Adding to the cleaner or charging outside the dock, it is clear that Shark has invested a lot of development time in this system. However, the provided charger is insufficient in power for such a large-capacity battery, so charging takes a while. In the small series test, it took more than three and a half hours from flat to full charge. Without a second battery, the shark is actually a cleaner who “cleans, forgets until the next day.” The widely ventilated battery pack can also easily handle even more powerful fast chargers, so this is a missed opportunity. Fortunately, the 2900mAh really fills your patience with charging time and good running time. During use, the charging indicator on the top of the battery provides you with good visual guidance to guide you through the remaining runtime.

However, power consumption modes and runtimes are a bit more complicated. In the normal power dust removal mode, the IC160UKT only needs to install the unpowered detail tool, the management time is more than 49 minutes, a few seconds behind the title running time. Adding power to the Boost setting allows you to get more suction and less uptime, which takes only 16 minutes in a small series of tests. However, in Boost mode, the suction and airflow feel strength is three times that. In a fully upright configuration, the DuoClean floor head operates in carpet mode, the cleaner operates at normal power, and the small series usually takes more than 33 minutes. This is a very appropriate upright cleaning time. However, the Boost mode of the DuoClean head does not provide any epic suction like Boost mode, just connect the dust removal tool. Subsequently, the Boost runtime of the DuoClean head was longer, averaging 20 minutes and 30 seconds in the small series test.

Efforts to hold the Boost button for more than 20 minutes can cause you severe cramping. Obviously there are some interesting electronic power management happening here, Xiaobian is not sure it is completely logical. Boost mode suction is lower when connecting the floor head, and the floor head traditionally requires more suction due to the wider pick-up area. In addition, if you want to set a trigger button for the Boost mode, the design allows you to hold it down briefly, at least to make it powerful enough to pull a bunch of real deep cleansing from the carpet.

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