In addition to Dyson, what are the high-end handheld wireless vacuum cleaners worth starting?

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Handheld wireless vacuum cleaners are not new home appliances, but after Dyson entered the market, consumers found that handheld wireless vacuum cleaners can be so cool, the cleaning effect can be compared with horizontal vacuum cleaners, and they are willing to accept products for four or five thousand yuan. . But the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner is really a show of Dyson, in addition to its high-end products worth starting?

Industry Benchmark: Dyson Cyclone V10

Needless to say, Dyson is today’s most popular handheld wireless vacuum cleaner brand, the benchmark for handheld wireless vacuum cleaners, and recently released the new Cyclone V10. Compared to the V8, the most significant change in the V10 is that it straightens the dust cup and dumps the trash more easily. In the lining, the V10 switched to a 125,000-rpm digital motor, and there is currently no rival in the market. In addition, the battery capacity increased by 65.52WH, allowing the battery to last up to 60 minutes, but be aware that the V10 can only use up to 8 minutes of battery life in the powerful mode. Ma Yun’s large capacity compatible battery pack is indispensable.

The most cost-effective big name: Philips FC6823

The Philips horizontal vacuum cleaner is the first vacuum cleaner for many Chinese families. The biggest feature of the Philips S Series FC6823 is its extremely long battery life, which lasts up to 65 minutes in a hand-held vacuum mode, 65 minutes in a standard vacuum mode, and 21 minutes even in a powerful vacuum mode (but Philips does not indicate the suction power). At the same time, the new universal dust-free technology of the ground suction head, the patented Z-type vacuum path, 360-degree surround, front, back, left and right all-round, no matter what direction can be easily sucked clean. In addition, the FC6823 is the lowest-priced flagship handheld wireless vacuum cleaner among foreign brands.

Light as Yan: Electrolux ZB3234B

The Electrolux ZB3234B is the second-best handheld wireless vacuum cleaner in this article, which is nearly 400 yuan higher than the Dyson Cyclone V10. The ZB3234B has multiple functional tips. For example, the electric drive net boring head can remove the deep dust mites and allergens of the mattress by UV irradiation, electric tapping and strong suction. At the same time, the ergonomic design is excellent, whether it is with the electric drive net boring machine or the ground suction head, the hand weight is only 500g, similar to a bottle of mineral water. It is no exaggeration to say that people who have no strength in their hands can easily use the ZB3234B.

Friends of Women: Panasonic MC-BD777/MC-8D77C

Today, other brands of motor rated power of four or five hundred watts today, Panasonic MC-BD777/MC-8D77C this pair of different specifications of the color of the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner rated power, suction power is only 300W, 85W, respectively, seems to be behind. In fact, Panasonic’s product design is more compact, user-friendly, more suitable for women. Its mainframe weighs only 1.05KG, and the extension pipe and ground suction head are all weighing 1.8KG. The KABATORI multi-dimensional tip has a built-in motor, which is more labor-saving when implemented. When the ground is off, the motor is turned off to save power. If it touches the furniture or the wall, the tip sticking strip automatically opens up to absorb the garbage. Also equipped with a dust sensor, it can automatically adjust the suction strength according to the amount of garbage.

Maverick: Lake Magic Clean M95

The Lake Magic M95 is currently the most expensive handheld wireless vacuum cleaner (at least in this article). It uses a 100,000-rpm digital motor, which is equivalent to Dyson’s V8 when it was released, but its motor power and suction power have reached 450W, 120W, compared with the Dyson V10 is not inferior, the efficiency is more than the latter, and the battery life has reached 50 minutes. After installing the ground tip, the M95’s main unit is located in the middle of the entire vacuum cleaner, with a lower center of gravity, and the operating feel is significantly better than the “Dyson structure” handheld wireless vacuum cleaner. It can be said that the Lake Magic M95 is the only high-performance vacuum cleaner that gets rid of Dyson’s influence.

Cost-effective choice: TEK A11 Master

A11 Master is a new product just released by TEK. It has not yet announced the price and listing. However, the official price of the previous generation A10 is 2,999 yuan, which is now about 2,500 yuan. I believe the final price of A11 Master is about 3,000 yuan. Compared with the A10, the most obvious improvement of the A11 Master is to increase the power of the digital motor to 450W, and the suction power has soared to 130W. I am afraid that it is the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner with the highest suction power today. It also inherits the dual-charge dual-charge design on the A10. The factory comes standard with two large-capacity lithium batteries, which allows the battery life to reach 1 hour (although TEK has not announced the A11 Master strong mode battery time, A10 longest battery life, strong battery life The time is 1 hour and 30 minutes respectively, and it supports two batteries to be charged at the same time. If you live in a large 200 square meter house, the TEK A11 Master will be a cost effective choice.

Waist is not good to choose me: Shark S9

Shark is a brand that has just entered the domestic market. The S9 is its flagship product, with a price of 4,699 yuan. In terms of power, the S9 is similar to the compact Panasonic MC-BD777/MC-8D77C, with motor power and suction power of only 300W and 82W respectively. Winning is provided with 2 batteries, the total life time is 1 hour, the ground brush head is double roller brush design, the straw can even be folded 180° freely, cleaning the bottom of the sofa, no need to bend under the bed, especially suitable for people with bad waist.

Fast charging: Midea VH1703

I still remember the beautiful AIR handheld wireless vacuum cleaner introduced, but today I will introduce the VH1703, because the former has only a poor 240W rated power, and does not touch the high performance. The VH1703 has a rated power of 380W, a maximum battery life of 30 minutes, and a strong mode of 10 minutes. The specification is no more advantageous than other domestic brands. The biggest advantage is to support 1 hour fast charging, which may be suitable for people with household obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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