The main simpler black technology Ruimi vacuum cleaner is strong against Dyson!

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Vacuum cleaners can be said to have become an essential tool for home cleaning. For a long time, Dyson, as a brand of vacuum cleaners, has a certain advantage in the high-end field. However, with the development of the industry, many home appliance brands have entered the field of vacuum cleaners. Among them, the core of the more simple black technology Ruimi also entered the forefront with strong momentum, impacting Dyson’s status.

As the veteran of the vacuum cleaner, the first wireless vacuum cleaner I started was the Dyson v7. As a high-priced, wireless vacuum cleaner, I had to give a bad review. Not only was it more laborious, it was very heavy for girls, and the battery life was long. Short, charging time is long, and compared to the general vacuum cleaner price, the price is not high. Among them, the short battery life is its fatal injury. I often turn off the electricity when the family is halfway clean, so that later, unless there is big paper scrap on the ground or eating biscuits on the ground, it will be used to suck it, and I don’t want to clean the house at all.

Later, I changed the Ruimi explosion vacuum cleaner f8, which is to look at its endurance. The Ruimi F8 has an excellent intelligent power management system with high power and high power supply. The maximum battery life is 55 minutes and the cleaning area is about 350 square meters. In addition, I also like the face of Ruimi f8, pure white is simple and clean, not as fancy as the Dyson v8. So far, the Ruimi f8 has won six international awards such as the Japan Excellent Design Award and the German iF Award. It can be seen that Ruimi not only has a high value, but also does not lose Dyson’s performance.


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