How did Dyson make it?

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Dyson is the ultimate in the “poverty-restricting imagination”.

A curly hair stick = 1 low version with Huawei p20;

A hair dryer = 10 Dior 999;

A hand-held vacuum cleaner = 20 small love speakers.

Especially since this year, the circle of friends has been screened, forwarded, and Amway. Let more and more people have to be confused, why is Dyson so hot, why is it so expensive, and how is it made?

The founder of the legend

Behind any well-known or legendary brand, there must be a legendary founder, and James Dyson is no exception.

In the same way, just as many entrepreneurial monks have experienced some hardships before they become famous, James Dyson’s first half is also full of disappointment, confusion and the fate of the moment.

He lost his father at the age of nine and the boy was inferior. At the moment of entering the Royal College of Art, Dyson began the design road. All the way to open, there is a taste of juvenile success. Interestingly, however, Dyson’s invention of a dust-free vacuum cleaner is not an inner plan, but a reality-based need.

There is a proverb in the United Kingdom called “ Demand is the mother of invention ”. In 1978, Dyson, the father of three children, lived in a dusty farmhouse. The only one of the old Hoover vacuum cleaners in the house was also once. The cleaning was broken. By dismantling Dyson, it was discovered that the conventional vacuum cleaner would block the inlet after the dirt was filled, thus cutting off the suction of the vacuum cleaner. Designed by Dyson, the long road to repair and renovation began:

When he made the fifth model, the third child was born and had no time to accompany him; in the 2627th, the dream was still there, that is, the money was gone; in the 3727th, the wife’s tuition fee became the only one in the family. Source of income; at the nth stage, the house has been lined up at the bank gate. Until the 5127th daily prayer “Tomorrow’s vacuum cleaner, will be the most embarrassing child in the appliance”, the world’s first vacuum bag vacuum cleaner – G-Force was finally born. It was 1983, and it was five years since the original “Aura of Light”.

In order to solve the pain point of the vacuum cleaner, Dyson has not succeeded in developing hundreds of models before and after, but he did not give up halfway, but with a willing will and a spirit of never losing, while carrying a high amount of money On the other hand, the bank’s high-interest loans, on the other hand, persisted in the blink of an eye. After five years of research and development, a total of 5,127 models were invented, and finally the world’s first vacuum bag vacuum cleaner, G-Force, was invented.

It can be said that Dyson’s obsession with technology has finally achieved the temperament of Dyson today, that is, deepening into a mature product category, discovering its unresolved pain points, exerting comprehensive efforts, and implementing subversive innovation. “It’s the moat.”

two. Difficult marketing path

After five years and more than 5,000 models, Dyson finally invented the first dual cyclonic vacuum cleaner. However, this dust-free vacuum cleaner is full of thorns in promotion and cooperation.

After the introduction of G-force, Dyson began looking for partners in the UK and Europe. At that time, the traditional vacuum cleaner still occupied a large position in Europe at that time, with an output value of nearly 1 billion pounds. Under the driving force of the entire market and the existing interests, the industry has chosen to maintain the status quo and take a respectful attitude towards Dyson’s products . As a result, Dyson did not find a collaborator, but also made the company close to the edge of bankruptcy.

At this time, the tenacious Dyson once again chose to insist. In 1985, things finally ushered in a turn. When he came to Japan with his products, he had an unexpected success. G-Force is very good – it was sold in Japan just after the launch, and it won the Best Design Award from the Japan Design Expo. Having a Dyson in Japan has become a symbol of wealthy people. Dyson’s popularity in Japan eventually led James Dyson to start making money and advertising.

To know that before this, Dyson was extremely repulsive to advertising. When the first generation of vacuum cleaners went online, only a few news articles were sent in the newspapers, and one advertisement was not taken.

After that, Dyson became a veritable big money-burner, with an advertising budget of 2.1 million pounds, accounting for 25% of all advertising expenditures. Even more exaggerated is that compared to the second-ranked LG, Dyson is more than twice as big on the advertising branch. It is also under a series of intensive TVC bombings that products have gradually gained attention in the market. I also won awards in many competitions. I remember that one of the awards was written like this: “ Dyson’s marketing approach has provided us with a good example of innovative thinking, meticulous strategic planning and successful execution. ”

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