Recommended for home good things! An American brand of feather duster spike vacuum cleaner!

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Usually there is dust in the house, we will have a rag, dry rags are easy to raise the ash, only hard to use the vacuum cleaner, wet rag can not wipe the appliance.

What you need at this time is: American brand swimffer dusters, a good use of the flying feather duster, a cleaning artifact that will be repurchased indefinitely once!

Swiffer is a brand of P&G, which is mainly used for cleaning products.

He is a handle like a fork, forked on a rag. The most powerful thing about this rag is the electrostatic adsorption of dust, clean it with a gentle rub, and never lift dust! This is especially important for people with respiratory sensitivities, suitable for desktops, appliances and open bookshelves/shoe racks.

Attach a picture of the effect of cleaning the piggy bank:

A box of Ma Dad’s home purchase 150 pieces, there are 24 rags and a handle inside, the rag is not a one-time, can be used repeatedly, but if it is too dirty or new, it is basically used every week to wipe the whole family, easy to use four Five months is no problem.

There is also a 360° brush head + zoom bar version, which is best for sweeping the ceiling and door frames when cleaning the room years ago.

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