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How did Dyson make it?

Check Deals on eBay Dyson is the ultimate in the “poverty-restricting imagination”. A curly hair stick = 1 low version with Huawei p20; A hair dryer = 10 Dior 999; A hand-held vacuum cleaner = 20 small love speakers. Especially since this year, the circle of friends has been screened, forwarded, and Amway. Let more and […]

Shark DuoClean vacuum cleaner evaluation: the first cordless upright cleaner, powerful

Check Deals on eBay The DuoClean Cordless Lift-Away TruePet IC160UKT is known as Shark’s first wireless upright cleaner, which combines a range of innovations into a single battery-powered design. It offers sturdy upright and cylinder cleaning, good suction in Boost mode, an effective DuoClean head and a great little pet tool. For the price, it doesn’t give […]

Which is better for the Volvic and Dyson vacuum cleaners?

Check Deals on eBay Which is better for the Volvic and Dyson vacuum cleaners? The spring season is the best time every weekend. Everyone definitely doesn’t want to spend such a good time on cleaning. They are all people who are dragging their families. The weekend must be a parent-child time. Most people choose to go outdoors […]

Dyson’s technology, the life of the vacuum cleaner PK dust bag type of leather cleaner, who are you optimistic about?

Check Deals on eBay In the previous article, we introduced the principle of the vacuum cleaner. For details, please see………… We know that vacuum is the source of suction, but how should it be separated from the air after it has been sucked away? Today we talk about several dust-removing technologies for vacuum cleaners: dust bag, cyclone […]

This vacuum cleaner is comparable to Dyson, Shark vacuum cleaner, have you heard of it?

Check Deals on eBay Unlike Dyson and other net red players, today we should focus on the high-end vacuum cleaner brand Shark from the United States. With the upgrading of the consumption structure, vacuum cleaners are popular among consumers today as clean home appliances. Although the vacuum permeability of  households is currently about 10%, the market […]