Recommended for home good things! An American brand of feather duster spike vacuum cleaner!

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Usually there is dust in the house, we will have a rag, dry rags are easy to raise the ash, only hard to use the vacuum cleaner, wet rag can not wipe the appliance.

What you need at this time is: American brand swimffer dusters, a good use of the flying feather duster, a cleaning artifact that will be repurchased indefinitely once!

Swiffer is a brand of P&G, which is mainly used for cleaning products.

He is a handle like a fork, forked on a rag. The most powerful thing about this rag is the electrostatic adsorption of dust, clean it with a gentle rub, and never lift dust! This is especially important for people with respiratory sensitivities, suitable for desktops, appliances and open bookshelves/shoe racks.

Attach a picture of the effect of cleaning the piggy bank:

A box of Ma Dad’s home purchase 150 pieces, there are 24 rags and a handle inside, the rag is not a one-time, can be used repeatedly, but if it is too dirty or new, it is basically used every week to wipe the whole family, easy to use four Five months is no problem.

There is also a 360° brush head + zoom bar version, which is best for sweeping the ceiling and door frames when cleaning the room years ago.

How did Dyson make it?

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Dyson is the ultimate in the “poverty-restricting imagination”.

A curly hair stick = 1 low version with Huawei p20;

A hair dryer = 10 Dior 999;

A hand-held vacuum cleaner = 20 small love speakers.

Especially since this year, the circle of friends has been screened, forwarded, and Amway. Let more and more people have to be confused, why is Dyson so hot, why is it so expensive, and how is it made?

The founder of the legend

Behind any well-known or legendary brand, there must be a legendary founder, and James Dyson is no exception.

In the same way, just as many entrepreneurial monks have experienced some hardships before they become famous, James Dyson’s first half is also full of disappointment, confusion and the fate of the moment.

He lost his father at the age of nine and the boy was inferior. At the moment of entering the Royal College of Art, Dyson began the design road. All the way to open, there is a taste of juvenile success. Interestingly, however, Dyson’s invention of a dust-free vacuum cleaner is not an inner plan, but a reality-based need.

There is a proverb in the United Kingdom called “ Demand is the mother of invention ”. In 1978, Dyson, the father of three children, lived in a dusty farmhouse. The only one of the old Hoover vacuum cleaners in the house was also once. The cleaning was broken. By dismantling Dyson, it was discovered that the conventional vacuum cleaner would block the inlet after the dirt was filled, thus cutting off the suction of the vacuum cleaner. Designed by Dyson, the long road to repair and renovation began:

When he made the fifth model, the third child was born and had no time to accompany him; in the 2627th, the dream was still there, that is, the money was gone; in the 3727th, the wife’s tuition fee became the only one in the family. Source of income; at the nth stage, the house has been lined up at the bank gate. Until the 5127th daily prayer “Tomorrow’s vacuum cleaner, will be the most embarrassing child in the appliance”, the world’s first vacuum bag vacuum cleaner – G-Force was finally born. It was 1983, and it was five years since the original “Aura of Light”.

In order to solve the pain point of the vacuum cleaner, Dyson has not succeeded in developing hundreds of models before and after, but he did not give up halfway, but with a willing will and a spirit of never losing, while carrying a high amount of money On the other hand, the bank’s high-interest loans, on the other hand, persisted in the blink of an eye. After five years of research and development, a total of 5,127 models were invented, and finally the world’s first vacuum bag vacuum cleaner, G-Force, was invented.

It can be said that Dyson’s obsession with technology has finally achieved the temperament of Dyson today, that is, deepening into a mature product category, discovering its unresolved pain points, exerting comprehensive efforts, and implementing subversive innovation. “It’s the moat.”

two. Difficult marketing path

After five years and more than 5,000 models, Dyson finally invented the first dual cyclonic vacuum cleaner. However, this dust-free vacuum cleaner is full of thorns in promotion and cooperation.

After the introduction of G-force, Dyson began looking for partners in the UK and Europe. At that time, the traditional vacuum cleaner still occupied a large position in Europe at that time, with an output value of nearly 1 billion pounds. Under the driving force of the entire market and the existing interests, the industry has chosen to maintain the status quo and take a respectful attitude towards Dyson’s products . As a result, Dyson did not find a collaborator, but also made the company close to the edge of bankruptcy.

At this time, the tenacious Dyson once again chose to insist. In 1985, things finally ushered in a turn. When he came to Japan with his products, he had an unexpected success. G-Force is very good – it was sold in Japan just after the launch, and it won the Best Design Award from the Japan Design Expo. Having a Dyson in Japan has become a symbol of wealthy people. Dyson’s popularity in Japan eventually led James Dyson to start making money and advertising.

To know that before this, Dyson was extremely repulsive to advertising. When the first generation of vacuum cleaners went online, only a few news articles were sent in the newspapers, and one advertisement was not taken.

After that, Dyson became a veritable big money-burner, with an advertising budget of 2.1 million pounds, accounting for 25% of all advertising expenditures. Even more exaggerated is that compared to the second-ranked LG, Dyson is more than twice as big on the advertising branch. It is also under a series of intensive TVC bombings that products have gradually gained attention in the market. I also won awards in many competitions. I remember that one of the awards was written like this: “ Dyson’s marketing approach has provided us with a good example of innovative thinking, meticulous strategic planning and successful execution. ”

The main simpler black technology Ruimi vacuum cleaner is strong against Dyson!

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Vacuum cleaners can be said to have become an essential tool for home cleaning. For a long time, Dyson, as a brand of vacuum cleaners, has a certain advantage in the high-end field. However, with the development of the industry, many home appliance brands have entered the field of vacuum cleaners. Among them, the core of the more simple black technology Ruimi also entered the forefront with strong momentum, impacting Dyson’s status.

As the veteran of the vacuum cleaner, the first wireless vacuum cleaner I started was the Dyson v7. As a high-priced, wireless vacuum cleaner, I had to give a bad review. Not only was it more laborious, it was very heavy for girls, and the battery life was long. Short, charging time is long, and compared to the general vacuum cleaner price, the price is not high. Among them, the short battery life is its fatal injury. I often turn off the electricity when the family is halfway clean, so that later, unless there is big paper scrap on the ground or eating biscuits on the ground, it will be used to suck it, and I don’t want to clean the house at all.

Later, I changed the Ruimi explosion vacuum cleaner f8, which is to look at its endurance. The Ruimi F8 has an excellent intelligent power management system with high power and high power supply. The maximum battery life is 55 minutes and the cleaning area is about 350 square meters. In addition, I also like the face of Ruimi f8, pure white is simple and clean, not as fancy as the Dyson v8. So far, the Ruimi f8 has won six international awards such as the Japan Excellent Design Award and the German iF Award. It can be seen that Ruimi not only has a high value, but also does not lose Dyson’s performance.


In addition to Dyson, what are the high-end handheld wireless vacuum cleaners worth starting?

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Handheld wireless vacuum cleaners are not new home appliances, but after Dyson entered the market, consumers found that handheld wireless vacuum cleaners can be so cool, the cleaning effect can be compared with horizontal vacuum cleaners, and they are willing to accept products for four or five thousand yuan. . But the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner is really a show of Dyson, in addition to its high-end products worth starting?

Industry Benchmark: Dyson Cyclone V10

Needless to say, Dyson is today’s most popular handheld wireless vacuum cleaner brand, the benchmark for handheld wireless vacuum cleaners, and recently released the new Cyclone V10. Compared to the V8, the most significant change in the V10 is that it straightens the dust cup and dumps the trash more easily. In the lining, the V10 switched to a 125,000-rpm digital motor, and there is currently no rival in the market. In addition, the battery capacity increased by 65.52WH, allowing the battery to last up to 60 minutes, but be aware that the V10 can only use up to 8 minutes of battery life in the powerful mode. Ma Yun’s large capacity compatible battery pack is indispensable.

The most cost-effective big name: Philips FC6823

The Philips horizontal vacuum cleaner is the first vacuum cleaner for many Chinese families. The biggest feature of the Philips S Series FC6823 is its extremely long battery life, which lasts up to 65 minutes in a hand-held vacuum mode, 65 minutes in a standard vacuum mode, and 21 minutes even in a powerful vacuum mode (but Philips does not indicate the suction power). At the same time, the new universal dust-free technology of the ground suction head, the patented Z-type vacuum path, 360-degree surround, front, back, left and right all-round, no matter what direction can be easily sucked clean. In addition, the FC6823 is the lowest-priced flagship handheld wireless vacuum cleaner among foreign brands.

Light as Yan: Electrolux ZB3234B

The Electrolux ZB3234B is the second-best handheld wireless vacuum cleaner in this article, which is nearly 400 yuan higher than the Dyson Cyclone V10. The ZB3234B has multiple functional tips. For example, the electric drive net boring head can remove the deep dust mites and allergens of the mattress by UV irradiation, electric tapping and strong suction. At the same time, the ergonomic design is excellent, whether it is with the electric drive net boring machine or the ground suction head, the hand weight is only 500g, similar to a bottle of mineral water. It is no exaggeration to say that people who have no strength in their hands can easily use the ZB3234B.

Friends of Women: Panasonic MC-BD777/MC-8D77C

Today, other brands of motor rated power of four or five hundred watts today, Panasonic MC-BD777/MC-8D77C this pair of different specifications of the color of the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner rated power, suction power is only 300W, 85W, respectively, seems to be behind. In fact, Panasonic’s product design is more compact, user-friendly, more suitable for women. Its mainframe weighs only 1.05KG, and the extension pipe and ground suction head are all weighing 1.8KG. The KABATORI multi-dimensional tip has a built-in motor, which is more labor-saving when implemented. When the ground is off, the motor is turned off to save power. If it touches the furniture or the wall, the tip sticking strip automatically opens up to absorb the garbage. Also equipped with a dust sensor, it can automatically adjust the suction strength according to the amount of garbage.

Maverick: Lake Magic Clean M95

The Lake Magic M95 is currently the most expensive handheld wireless vacuum cleaner (at least in this article). It uses a 100,000-rpm digital motor, which is equivalent to Dyson’s V8 when it was released, but its motor power and suction power have reached 450W, 120W, compared with the Dyson V10 is not inferior, the efficiency is more than the latter, and the battery life has reached 50 minutes. After installing the ground tip, the M95’s main unit is located in the middle of the entire vacuum cleaner, with a lower center of gravity, and the operating feel is significantly better than the “Dyson structure” handheld wireless vacuum cleaner. It can be said that the Lake Magic M95 is the only high-performance vacuum cleaner that gets rid of Dyson’s influence.

Cost-effective choice: TEK A11 Master

A11 Master is a new product just released by TEK. It has not yet announced the price and listing. However, the official price of the previous generation A10 is 2,999 yuan, which is now about 2,500 yuan. I believe the final price of A11 Master is about 3,000 yuan. Compared with the A10, the most obvious improvement of the A11 Master is to increase the power of the digital motor to 450W, and the suction power has soared to 130W. I am afraid that it is the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner with the highest suction power today. It also inherits the dual-charge dual-charge design on the A10. The factory comes standard with two large-capacity lithium batteries, which allows the battery life to reach 1 hour (although TEK has not announced the A11 Master strong mode battery time, A10 longest battery life, strong battery life The time is 1 hour and 30 minutes respectively, and it supports two batteries to be charged at the same time. If you live in a large 200 square meter house, the TEK A11 Master will be a cost effective choice.

Waist is not good to choose me: Shark S9

Shark is a brand that has just entered the domestic market. The S9 is its flagship product, with a price of 4,699 yuan. In terms of power, the S9 is similar to the compact Panasonic MC-BD777/MC-8D77C, with motor power and suction power of only 300W and 82W respectively. Winning is provided with 2 batteries, the total life time is 1 hour, the ground brush head is double roller brush design, the straw can even be folded 180° freely, cleaning the bottom of the sofa, no need to bend under the bed, especially suitable for people with bad waist.

Fast charging: Midea VH1703

I still remember the beautiful AIR handheld wireless vacuum cleaner introduced, but today I will introduce the VH1703, because the former has only a poor 240W rated power, and does not touch the high performance. The VH1703 has a rated power of 380W, a maximum battery life of 30 minutes, and a strong mode of 10 minutes. The specification is no more advantageous than other domestic brands. The biggest advantage is to support 1 hour fast charging, which may be suitable for people with household obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Shark DuoClean vacuum cleaner evaluation: the first cordless upright cleaner, powerful

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The DuoClean Cordless Lift-Away TruePet IC160UKT is known as Shark’s first wireless upright cleaner, which combines a range of innovations into a single battery-powered design. It offers sturdy upright and cylinder cleaning, good suction in Boost mode, an effective DuoClean head and a great little pet tool. For the price, it doesn’t give ultra-deep carpet cleaning and chargers very slow, but for the freedom of a full-line cordless cleaner, the IC160UKT is as versatile as they are, giving you the traditional upright flexibility Sex, use a hand cleaner. If you are looking for something that can do anything, then this is for you. Easily created for the longest bagless cleaner name on the planet, meeting Shark’s DuoClean cordless vertical vacuum cleaner with electric lift and TruePet IC160UKT. 

Given the perimeter of the name, you can say that this model is located at the top of the Shark vacuum cleaner series and has a variety of functions. This is Shark’s first wireless upright cleaner, which uses the fabulous DuoClean double brushed floor head and has a Lift-Away section, which means it can also be used as a portable cylindrical cleaner. This is a seemingly strange beast. IC160UKT’s main cleaner gubbins are set very low, a 0.6 liter compact bin on one side of the motor housing and the other side is a near cylindrical battery case. Although beautiful in the eyes of the onlookers, Xiao Bian thinks it looks a bit ‘beautifying the challenge’. Fortunately, the form follows the function, and the idea of ​​keeping inefficiency is equivalent to the perceived weight in the hand compared to the cane model. Therefore, the IC160UKT hides very well the weight of 5.6 kg, feels very good, and can be manipulated in an upright position, and only adds 2.5 kg of weight plus hose in Lift-Away mode.

This clean stamp is supplied by a 28V motor and is powered by a custom 2900mAh battery pack. In Lift-Away mode, if you don’t have a power tool, this should give you up to 50 minutes of cleaning time before you need to charge the battery directly on the cleaner or its attached base. The power control is a push button electronic button on the handle that allows the thumb to touch the main handle. There is a power on/off switch, boost mode button, and the ability to switch between hard floor and carpet settings. The latter increases the brush speed on the floor head. The floor cover toggle switch is disabled when only the detailed tool is installed. After connecting the DuoClean floor head, the power supply defaults to standard power. It is quite frustrating that you must hold down the Boost button to get higher power. Simply attach the software to the hose and the Boost button defaults to “on”.

Just as you usually need more power to use a large tool, such as a floor head, a lower airflow concentration, and a smaller tool and dust removal function, this is erroneous. Either way, Xiaobian wants the Boost button to stay engaged when pressed, rather than like a spring trigger. The IC160UKT adheres to Shark’s usual high standard construction quality, and all clips and fishing gear are thick, easy to use and labelled. The Lift-Away part is easy to fall off, the box is emptied through a full-size lid, and the washable filter pops up easily. The clever design touch is exhausted through a large HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) rated motor post filter and then exhausted through vents in the battery pack. This helps keep the battery cool, especially if you run the machine in Boost mode for any length of time.

The equipment list includes gaps, upholstery and dust removal tools, powered pet tools, flexible hoses and extension tubes. All tools can be used on extension tubes or directly attached to the handle, although the upright shoe of the DuoClean floor head makes it difficult to use outside the upright configuration. A small bag tote is provided to hold your accessories in the cupboard, but unfortunately there is no on-board tool storage. Xiao Bian has been a loyal fan of various iterations of Shark’s DuoClean floor. This innovative design appears on top brands in many brands, such as the Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away NV801UKT, which uses two rotating brush strips. The front bar is a large flocking roller, while the standard bristle bar is brushed behind. The forward brush picks up the finest dust and debris, and the fixed comb ensures that the particles are organized into a vacuum stream from the flocking rolls.

The bristle brush provides two rows of medium-hard bristles to sweep out the larger debris and hit the carpet fluff to release the dirt. A row of soft bristles behind the rollers allows airflow to collect under the rollers. Due to the easy-to-remove roller, the DuoClean head can be cleaned directly. The function also includes a flexible tilt and pivot neck for steering and two rows of LEDs along the front to pick up the fluff in the dark recess behind the sofa. The green light at the top of the cleaning head shows when the brush bar is rotating. The head is not too high, the neck folds well, and it can enter well under low obstacles. The vacuum is quite large and heavy from front to back, but the other incarnations of the DuoClean head prove their value. If the DuoClean head is too large to be practical, you can switch to the electric pet tool. This neat tool uses a single-action brush bar, a stiff brush and a sloping bottom plate to help it maintain a flat surface.

The neck is fixed and there are no fancy LEDs, but the pet tools are lightweight, well constructed and easy to disassemble and clean. The three detail tools provided by Shark simply push it onto the handle or extension tube. Upholstery tools are wider than standard and have side vents to help prevent loose fabrics from being inhaled. The Dust Brush has a rotating offset neck that can be used to get the right angle when you reach the height, but the bristles are quite a hard dusting task. The crevice tool is a good length, but the business side is too rough for any strip that is quite large. There is no onboard storage space for any of these tools, but you will get a small cloth bag to keep them tidy in the cabinet. The accessories list is equipped with a neat charging base that takes up valuable small rooms and wall-mounted power adapters on the countertop. Shark’s 28V system and detachable 2900mAh battery are located there, equipped with the highest capacity clean battery system.

The industrial design is also very smart, with three LED charge status displays, and the pop-up handle releases the battery from the cleaner and battery pack cooling, providing cleverly placed exhaust. Adding to the cleaner or charging outside the dock, it is clear that Shark has invested a lot of development time in this system. However, the provided charger is insufficient in power for such a large-capacity battery, so charging takes a while. In the small series test, it took more than three and a half hours from flat to full charge. Without a second battery, the shark is actually a cleaner who “cleans, forgets until the next day.” The widely ventilated battery pack can also easily handle even more powerful fast chargers, so this is a missed opportunity. Fortunately, the 2900mAh really fills your patience with charging time and good running time. During use, the charging indicator on the top of the battery provides you with good visual guidance to guide you through the remaining runtime.

However, power consumption modes and runtimes are a bit more complicated. In the normal power dust removal mode, the IC160UKT only needs to install the unpowered detail tool, the management time is more than 49 minutes, a few seconds behind the title running time. Adding power to the Boost setting allows you to get more suction and less uptime, which takes only 16 minutes in a small series of tests. However, in Boost mode, the suction and airflow feel strength is three times that. In a fully upright configuration, the DuoClean floor head operates in carpet mode, the cleaner operates at normal power, and the small series usually takes more than 33 minutes. This is a very appropriate upright cleaning time. However, the Boost mode of the DuoClean head does not provide any epic suction like Boost mode, just connect the dust removal tool. Subsequently, the Boost runtime of the DuoClean head was longer, averaging 20 minutes and 30 seconds in the small series test.

Efforts to hold the Boost button for more than 20 minutes can cause you severe cramping. Obviously there are some interesting electronic power management happening here, Xiaobian is not sure it is completely logical. Boost mode suction is lower when connecting the floor head, and the floor head traditionally requires more suction due to the wider pick-up area. In addition, if you want to set a trigger button for the Boost mode, the design allows you to hold it down briefly, at least to make it powerful enough to pull a bunch of real deep cleansing from the carpet.

Which is better for the Volvic and Dyson vacuum cleaners?

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Which is better for the Volvic and Dyson vacuum cleaners?

The spring season is the best time every weekend. Everyone definitely doesn’t want to spend such a good time on cleaning. They are all people who are dragging their families. The weekend must be a parent-child time. Most people choose to go outdoors to bathe in the spring. What should I do on the ground in my home? At this time you need a sweeping robot with good vacuuming effect. Said that the vacuum effect is good, I believe that everyone must have thought of the two brands Dyson and Volvic, why would you think of this brand, because these two brands are all vacuum cleaners, have a wealth of experience and technology for vacuum cleaners.

Vorvik sweeping robot

Germany’s century-old vacuum cleaner brand Vivek announced the full acquisition of the US sweeping robot brand Neato. Vorvik is the only vacuum cleaner brand. The VORWERK/Vicvik VR200 intelligent automatic sweeping robot is the only robotic product released by the Volkswagen brand in China. The positioning is relatively high-end and the performance is quite good. The price is also around 6000, but a penny is worth the goods.

The characteristics of the Vivic sweeping robot are obvious.

1, can filter 99% of dust and bacteria (equivalent to one thousandth of the thickness of hair), and even for allergic people! To protect the health of you and your family!

2. The electromagnetic interference generated by the environment and the human body during the operation does not exceed the EU’s regulations on radiation limitation, so as to protect the safety of you and your family, you can enjoy your family time.

3, 360-degree comprehensive room layout and home environment, intelligent cleaning, more high-intelligent chips, can automatically clean the path according to the home environment, before the departure will scan your home automatically scanned scanning area, your home The map is already in the chest before it is cleaned!

4, can automatically calculate the height of the obstacles, and overcome the need for A clean objects such as carpets up to 2cm. The ordinary sweeper is detoured, and the cleaning is difficult to comprehensive.

Dyson sweeping robot

The dyson robot is called 360 Eye because of this 360° navigation camera. It uses 360° full-view intelligent navigation technology, which consists of SLAM technology + real-time camera + panoramic lens. Drawing the room map and making navigation based on geometry and trigonometry, the user does not need to tell it where it needs to be cleaned, it can also accurately position itself in a clean environment, and can clearly identify the swept and unswept places that have been cleaned. To ensure that the machine does not repeat cleaning. SLAM’s planned cleaning path is adjusted in a timely manner based on temporary changes in the environment.

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a second-generation Dyson digital motor with 78,000 rpm and Dyson’s cyclone technology to absorb “small dust as small as 0.3μm” (already improved from the 0.5μm introduced at the time of initial release) ). At the top of it is a panoramic camera with a 360 degree field of view. With an infrared detector, it can effectively position the device in real time and observe the environment to select a more suitable cleaning path.

At the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, a brush strip with the same width as the fuselage is used, and two kinds of bristles of nylon and carbon fiber are distributed on the top to meet the different cleaning needs of the carpet and the hard floor. In addition, the 360 ​​Eye also chose a tank-crawler moving mechanism that better accommodates the difference in ground height and reduces the chances of “eat” the wire during the cleaning process. As for the shape, it is easy to think of the dust collectors of the V8 and V6 hand-held products. The volume is still 0.33L. Normally, the cleaning should not be full.

Dyson’s technology, the life of the vacuum cleaner PK dust bag type of leather cleaner, who are you optimistic about?

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In the previous article, we introduced the principle of the vacuum cleaner. For details, please see………… We know that vacuum is the source of suction, but how should it be separated from the air after it has been sucked away? Today we talk about several dust-removing technologies for vacuum cleaners: dust bag, cyclone and water filtration.

First, the dust bag type

Dust bag dust removal technology is the easiest to understand. According to the principle of the vacuum cleaner, the air is mixed with dust and sucked into the body. Then, by placing a dust collecting device at the end of the straw, dust can be collected in the bag to isolate the dust, and the air is discharged through the fine pores of the bag.

The early dust collectors were dust bags. Although it was born earlier, it has still been adopted by some vacuum cleaner manufacturers, and each manufacturer will upgrade the material of the dust bag. The material of the early dust bag is simple in structure and can be washed and cleaned. However, it is too troublesome to say that some dust is difficult to completely remove. Later, the material and structure of the dust bag were constantly changing or upgrading, and a disposable dust bag was born. When the dust bag is full, the user can easily replace the dust bag by purchasing a new dust bag, which is convenient. Of course, this also leads to an increase in the cost of using the vacuum cleaner.

With the development of dust bag technology, many manufacturers (mostly Japanese manufacturers, such as Panasonic) have modified it and created a dust box type dust collection method, but in essence it is dust bag type dust, but it will only The softly collapsed dust bag was replaced with a hard dust box, and it was indeed a grade from the outside. In essence, it was a change of soup. Therefore, we must also remind everyone that we must pay attention to the distinction when purchasing. The dust-free bag does not mean that it is a dust-free bag.


Whether it is the dust bag type or the dust box type mentioned above, it is inevitable to face a serious problem: suction attenuation. As the dust in the dust bag (referred to as the dust box) gradually increases (affects the exhaust), the suction will drop, which is very troublesome. Today, James Dyson, the founder of British vacuum cleaner company Dyson, has purchased Hoover’s dust bag vacuum cleaner, which is also plagued by the problem of suction attenuation. In the end, Dyson developed a solution, which is a cyclone.


The principle of cyclone is relatively complicated, and the core principle is centrifugal force. Cyclone, in short, is to let the dust and air rotate at high speed, firstly remove large pieces of dust by centrifugal force (the centrifugal force is large according to the principle of centrifugal force), and then gradually separate the fine dust by changing the aperture of the filter. . However, the vacuum cleaners have different designs for the cyclone and dust collectors, and the effects will be different. Therefore, the schematic diagram is only for reference, depending on the manufacturer’s design.

It can be seen that whether it is a hand-held or a horizontal vacuum cleaner, the cyclone type dust collecting device is mostly in the shape of a round cup, so it is generally called a dust cup. So this can also be used as a feature distinguishing between traditional dust bag (dust box) vacuum cleaners and cyclonic vacuum cleaners. The cyclonic vacuum cleaner optimizes the problem of suction attenuation (but not the attenuation), and it is also very convenient to clean. Generally, just open the dust cup cover and dump the dust.

Third, water filtration

A brand of wet and dry (water filtration principle) vacuum cleaner

We know that ordinary household vacuum cleaners are only for dry dust, regardless of the type, and can only be discouraged for dirty liquids. The “large” vacuum cleaner shown above, I think most people have seen it, it is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, using the principle of water filtration.

Water is naturally the most important dust-free “device” for such vacuum cleaners. When dust and air enter the body, they first pass through a large space, and the airflow speed will be slower, which is the same as the speed when the air flows through a small space. A decrease in speed causes the heavier dust and liquid to be peeled off and falls into the water below, thereby achieving dust separation. Then, use the other filters above to filter the leaked fine dust to ensure the overall filtration effect. Then, through the washing water and other devices, the moisture in the air is adsorbed, and finally the clean air is discharged.

This vacuum cleaner is comparable to Dyson, Shark vacuum cleaner, have you heard of it?

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Unlike Dyson and other net red players, today we should focus on the high-end vacuum cleaner brand Shark from the United States.

With the upgrading of the consumption structure, vacuum cleaners are popular among consumers today as clean home appliances. Although the vacuum permeability of  households is currently about 10%, the market space is huge. In recent years, the average growth rate of the vacuum cleaner market is around 30%. 

The Shark double-head vacuum cleaner S9 is adjusted according . Its unique DuoClean double brush head technology allows consumers to clean the floor and carpet. Key conversion is very easy, no matter whether it is carpet or floor, no need to change the brush head, it can be used directly, and the size of the garbage can be “inhaled in the bag”. The MultiFLEX folding technology is more intimate, not only can better clean the bed, the bottom of the sofa, the corner of the sofa, etc. It is also very easy to hold the upper and lower floors. Because it can be folded and placed conveniently, it can stand up against the wall, avoiding the need for traditional vacuum cleaners to make holes in the wall.

In addition, the Shark double-head vacuum cleaner S9 also introduces a series of user-friendly functions and designs, such as the use of high-efficiency Haipa filter, which can intercept dust as small as 0.1 micron, quadruple filtration, and discharge fresh air to avoid secondary air pollution; In response to the growing number of allergic people in the country, Shark’s double-head vacuum cleaner S9 will also upgrade the hoe to the standard, multi-purpose machine, and replace the standard electric bed suction brush head to deep clean the bedroom and living room. Easily remove mites and deep dirt and let your family say goodbye to allergens.

In order to meet the needs of the user’s more personalized scenes, the Shark dual-head vacuum cleaner S9 uses a replaceable dual battery life, which can be vacuumed while charging; in addition, a soft rubber anti-collision strip is installed on the fuselage to prevent the furniture from being damaged; There are LED lights on the main tip, so that users can see clearly under the bed.

This product is Dyson’s rival, low-key it originally came from the United States’ first technology cleaning brand!

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Speaking of the blackest technology, the most extreme vacuum cleaner, everyone may think of Dyson as the first time, but I don’t know that Dyson also has a “hard enemy” – Shark.

Shark is a technology cleansing brand from the United States. For the domestic market, not many people have heard of its name, but in the United States, it is a household name.

As a brand that has firmly occupied the first position of the US vacuum cleaner for many years, according to incomplete statistics, Shark’s sales volume has only reached 40 million units since 2007, which means that every 2-3 American families have one family. Use Shark.

Like Dyson, Shark is a company focused on technology development and innovation. It has a world-leading R&D team and has established R&D centers in the UK and China outside the Boston R&D headquarters, bringing together more than North America, Europe and Asia. 400 global researchers.

In addition to technology, Shark’s other “killer” is to inherit a hundred years of quality genes and to be good at understanding user needs. The family of Shark brand founder Mark Rosenzweig manages the Euro-Pro company, which has been in business for more than 100 years. Since its inception, Shark has inherited the outstanding genes of the century-old brand and passed on the ultimate pursuit of quality by Euro-Pro.

Shark has also been committed to user-centric, listening to consumer needs and feedback to research and development, focusing on creating a more user-friendly experience for users.

On April 18th, Shark held a brand launch conference in Shanghai, China, which means that Shark officially entered the Chinese market and brought a flagship product tailored for the Chinese: Shark double brush vacuum cleaner S9.

As for the products of this “unfamiliar” brand, how much is it? Let’s take a look at the scene with Xiaolei.

Strong sense of technology, the value of the face has been amazing

Shark’s double-head vacuum cleaner S9 has a strong sense of technology in terms of design. It is decorated with bright blue glossy paint, combined with meticulous craftsmanship, it is very eye-catching, and there is a “Dyson” taste.

The S9 is a cordless vacuum cleaner. It is not very heavy when it comes to the initial experience. In addition, when working, the tip part will share part of the weight through the support, so it is not very tired to hold.

In addition, it can be easily folded for transport and storage.

Beyond black technology, the more important thing is to solve the pain points of users.

Shark’s double-head vacuum cleaner S9 is also a black technology full vacuum cleaner with high-speed motor, combined with multiple filters and aerodynamic structure design, strong suction, reduced power loss, and can be cleaned and filtered. effect.

In addition to black technology, more importantly, it has also been optimized and improved for the problems encountered by domestic consumers in the use of vacuum cleaners. For example, the upgraded version of the dual-head DuoClean 2.0 technology is simply a brush head with a double-roller brush head that can be adapted to the environment of the floor, carpet, etc. through a main brush head, regardless of large particles or small particles. Even the dust can be easily handled, avoiding the trouble of replacing the brush head with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Taking into account the need to bend down when cleaning the bottom of the bed, the sofa, or even some vacuum cleaners, the Shark double-head vacuum cleaner S9 features the MultiFLEX “folding arm” technology, which allows the user to easily clean the bottom of the furniture without bending over.

More intimate is that in the front of the brush head is also specially installed LED sensor light, it will automatically light up when entering the dark environment, further convenient to clean the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the sofa and other environments.

In response to the air quality problems of the Chinese people, the Shark double-head vacuum cleaner S9 has also been upgraded with a special HAPE net. The standard is equipped with a tamper-proof head. For example, the high-efficiency Haipa filter can be used to intercept dust as small as 0.3 micron, quadruple filtration, and fresh air. It is equivalent to an air purifier, and the replacement of the hoe can effectively remove allergens such as the bedroom and the living room.

Many cordless vacuum cleaners do not support the replacement of batteries. When cleaning, they often need to be plugged in and charged for a few hours before use. Shark double-head vacuum cleaner S9 supports replacement of batteries, with two 2450mAh capacity batteries, and can be used continuously for 30 minutes. And support three charging methods, which can effectively improve the endurance efficiency.

Which brand of vacuum cleaner is good? Word of mouth best home vacuum cleaner brand recommendation

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As we all know, Germany is the country with the most experience in the production of electronic equipment. The Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner is a device dedicated to indoor dust removal work produced by TOMEFON, Germany. The Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner not only has a fashionable design, but also has a strong vacuuming ability, which is deeply loved by consumers. With high quality product quality, after-sales service and brand influence, it is ranked first in the vacuum cleaner rankings. The Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner is equipped with high-end machine parts that are versatile and capable of efficient dust removal. So, what are the unique functions and constructions of the Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner?

First, there are multiple protection measures. Now, in addition to paying attention to the vacuum power of vacuum cleaners, people are also very concerned about the safety of vacuum cleaners. There are many vacuum cleaners on the market that are counterfeit and shoddy products. There are no safety protection devices installed, which will lead to many safety hazards. Since its development, the Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner has paid great attention to the research of safety protection equipment. First of all, the Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner adopts a dust-free bag protection measure, so that all the inhaled dust enters into a dust bin, which reduces the clogging of dust, and the Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner does not exclude any pollutants during filtration. Secondary pollution. Secondly, the Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner also adopts anti-static protection measures. When users use the vacuum cleaner, they don’t have to worry about static electricity anymore. Finally, the Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner also uses overheat protection measures. Because the user is using the vacuum cleaner for a long time, the motor inside the vacuum cleaner generates a lot of heat, which may cause the motor to burn out. Therefore, the overheating protection device of the Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner can effectively increase the heat dissipation of the machine and allow the user to use the vacuum cleaner more permanently.

Second, the use of the most advanced filtration materials. The filter materials commonly used in vacuum cleaners on the market are paper, cloth and other materials. These filter materials are inexpensive and of low quality, and it is difficult to achieve the effect of dust removal. The Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner uses the most advanced HEPA high-efficiency filter material. This material can absorb up to 99% of the dust, so that no dust can remain in the room. It is believed that users will be shocked by its efficient dust removal ability after using the Fiona Tomekon vacuum cleaner.

Third, with additional functions such as removing moisture, water absorption, and drying. Most of the vacuum cleaners currently on the market have a single function, and the dust removal effect is also unsatisfactory. The Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner not only has a powerful dust removal function, but also has additional functions such as sputum removal, water absorption and blow drying. Many consumers say that after using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the ground, there will be some impurities such as water and hair on the ground, so they have to be cleaned up here, which is a waste of time and effort. The Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner completely solves the consumers’ troubles and can help consumers to get all the tasks such as dust removal, water absorption and hair removal all at once, which really saves consumers’ time and reduces the physical strength of consumers.

The Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner relies on superior scientific and technological level and has broad development advantages and market prospects. I believe that in the future vacuum cleaner field, the Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner will always be at the forefront.